5 best free VST plugins to spice up your sound

Last update on Jan. 11, 2016.

What is a VST plugin?

VST plugins are audio effects or software instruments that can be used when jamming with other musicians over the internet using jammr.  They are like little apps that change your sound!

They are especially useful if you want to enhance the sound of an accoustic instrument or vocals, for example, by adding a reverb to give the feel of a concert hall.  What's best is that many companies sell high-quality VST plugins and there is a rich choice of free ones too.

In this post I will share some of the best free VST plugins that you can use with any instrument or even to replace your instrument.

1. Togu Audio Line delay, chorus, and flanger

Togu Audio Line (TAL) offers a whole collection of free VST plugins you can use to process your sound.  Want an echo?  Use TAL-Dub-3 to add a delay.  Want a chorus effect?  Use the TAL-Chorus-LX plugin.  There is also a flanger, vocoder, filter, and more available for free and they sound great.


2. Magnus Jonsson's Ambience reverb

Ambience adds "space" to your sound.  Sound like you are in a huge concert hall, a small room, or even just the natural reverb of a piano's body.  This highly-regarded reverb plugin can be used anytime you want to make your instrument bigger and add atmosphere.


3. AudioDamage RoughRider compressor

RoughRider is a compressor, a dynamics effect that changes the levels and attack.  This can be crucial in standing out in a mix or when the instrument's own voice has volume variations that make it hard to hear.


4. Synth1

Synth1 is a synthesizer instrument which you can control via a MIDI keyboard.  It can create a variety of amazing synthesizer voices and is inspired by the Nord Lead 2.


5. ToneBytes Bleep'

Want to sound like a GameBoy or a 8-bit chiptune?  Bleep' takes you to those old-school video game sounds with this instrument.  Using a MIDI keyboard or sequencer, you can play your own retro tunes.


Do you use free VST plugins?  Share your favorites in the comments!

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