Why every musician should learn to jam

Last update on July 28, 2013.

Even the greatest song gets boring if you listen to it on repeat.  As you become familiar with all the details some of the magic disappears.  The same is true for practicing a musical instrument.

Many people primarily play sheet music or play along with their favorite songs.  Eventually this gets boring, like listening to the same song on repeat for too long.  There is no spontaneity and it is at this stage where people lose interest in playing an instrument.

There is a solution to getting stuck playing the same music over and over - it's called improvisation.  Learning to improvise means you can play fluently and creatively without sheet music.  It allows you to play together with other musicians without preparation.

Learning to improvise is like going from paint by numbers to starting from a blank canvas.  It can seem intimidating at first but opens the door to unlimited fun and interesting things to play.  Now you don't just play notes, you get to decide what to say with them.

It's easy to try out jamming, you can jam together online for free using jammr.  Using jammr you can play improvised music with other musicians around the world.

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