Private jam sessions: how to jam with just your friends

Last update on Jan. 8, 2014.

jammr lets musicians jam together online.  This means no more dragging around music gear, renting practice rooms, etc.  It means less hassle and more playing.

By default jam sessions are public so anyone can join.  You can jam with people from all over the world.  This is a really fun way to broaden not just your musical horizons but find buddies to jam with around the clock.

But what do you do when you'd like to get the band together or play with just a select group of people?

jammr's private jams are jam sessions that only people you invite can join.  In fact, people not on the invite list won't even see the jam listed so it's totally private!

How to use private jams in jammr

  1. Start jammr and click the "New jam" button in the "Connect to server..." dialog.  You will be placed in your own private jam session.
  2. Go to Admin | Access Control... and add the usernames of the people you'd like to jam with.  Press the "->" button to add a username to the list.  Press the "<-" button to remove a username from the list again.
  3. Press "Apply" when you are done.  Now the private jam will appear listed for all people who you added.

Hint: Remember to spell usernames correctly and that they are case-sensitive.  This means "Bob", "bob", and "BOB" are all different usernames.

Note that private jams are available to all users in Beta.  After Beta, private jams are a premium feature that requires paid members both to create and join private jams.

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