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How to fix audio recording quality problems

Last update on Dec. 24, 2015.

There are several common audio quality problems that are easy to fall into if it's your first time recording your instrument on your computer.  This post explains how to identify problems and fix them so your audio recordings are good quality.

When using jammr to jam together online it's important to have good quality audio without background noise that can distract other musicians.  Luckily the sources of poor audio quality fall into a few common causes that can be easily diagnosed.

Noisy single-coil guitar pickups

Single-coil guitar pickups such as those found in Stratocaster guitars can be susceptible ...

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Announcing jammr premium

Last update on Jan. 28, 2015.

We're excited to announce that jammr is leaving beta and launching premium accounts soon.

We are introducing jammr premium accounts for musicians that need more online
jamming features.

Subscribe to jammr premium for $9.95 or €9.99 or £7.99 per month to get full
access to:
1. Private jam sessions (your own invite-only jams)
2. Download individual instrument tracks for remixing recorded jams
3. Support jammr's mission to help musicians jam together online

Or you can stay on the free account which allows you to play public jams with
musicians around the world.

If you have ...

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Weekly soundclips (and how we make them)

Last update on Jan. 6, 2015.

Each week there are official community jam sessions on Friday & Saturday at 19:00 UTC.  We have a blast bringing together jammr users and playing online.  Of course you can jam any time you want on jammr, but the weekly jam sessions are a great way for both beginners and regular jammr users to play meaningful jam sessions with musicians from around the world.

Listen to soundclips from the weekly jam

After the weekly jam session we post soundclips with the highlights from hours of jamming.  You can watch the full playlist or subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

How ...

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